2018 is Approaching Fast ..........  Is Your Aircraft Equipped for Europe?

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By the 1st January 2018, your aircraft will need to be equipped with at least one VHF COM Radio equipped with 8.33kHz Channel Spacing.  

If you plan to fly in the Airways and Class A Airpsace, this changes to a mandatory requirement of 2.

We can help you plan, budget and upgrade your aircraft with the latest in European Compliant Radios from Garmin and Trig.  We also offer unparallelled advice on your Certification and Technical Questions. 

Did You Know?  The European Community have allocated funds to the UK enabling you to claim up to 20% of the equipment cost relating to new 8.33 kHz enabled radios!

Get in touch today and become 8.33kHz Compliant before the European Funds run out !!